Mold Inspections and Testing

What it is, why it's a concern, and why testing for it is absolutely essential.

What We offer

  • Mold Investigations  

  • Indoor Air Quality Assessments

  • Pre- and Post-Remediation Verifications

  • Remediation Protocols

  • Mold Species Identification

The Truth About Mold

     Mold is classified within the fungi kingdom and has been on our planet for millions of years. Fungi or Molds are microscopic pathogenic organisms that grow inside moist humid environmental conditions. These microscopic organisms reproduce and their spores become airborne. The air indoors and outdoors can carry mold spores causing the affected area to expand and to be inhaled which could lead to serious health complications. Depending on the overall health of an individual, mold can cause symptoms as mild as a common cold-like nuisance to more severe lifelong reactions such as chronic illness and lung disease.

     Testing for mold is the only way to determine if mold is present. NES will thoroughly investigate the presence of mold within a given surface area and perform basic indoor air quality testing. Our trained professionals will gather samples of the suspected molds and send them for laboratory analysis to provide you with a full report, including spore counts or levels of the identified mold species, and recommended next steps.

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