Industrial Hygienists, Asbestos & Lead Building Inspectors, and Project Managers

National Environmental Specialists (NES)

     We are a team of technical experts with a passion for providing comprehensive scientific solutions to indoor air quality issues. We respond with urgency to our customers’ needs to identify potential exposure to environmental contaminates. The necessary field data is gathered and analyzed so an action plan can be developed to correct or control the issue. Our services may also be utilized to procure qualified contractors to perform the proper scope of work identified by the initial environmental analysis. We will conduct post verification sampling following remediation activities to ensure the hazard has been eliminated and your indoor air quality has been returned to a safe environment.

     NES has unprecedented experience in all aspects of environmental consulting, restoration and construction which provides our customers with access to unique project solutions. Due to the diverse backgrounds and experience between the NES team and its industry partners, we are able to view projects through many lenses and tap into unlimited resources. We are pleased to offer our customers creative and comprehensive solutions on a daily basis.

Our comprehensive consulting services are professionally tailored to your project.

Our preliminary inspections are a necessary piece of the puzzle in remediation, remoldeling, rebuilding, and restoring.

Our flexibility and wide range of expertise allows for a complete solution.

For assistance with indoor air quality concerns, mold, lead, asbestos testing, and customized consulting solutions

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