Moisture Detection & Assessment

Building materials absorb moisture and retain it until it evaporates or is remediated.

What We offer

  • Water Intrusion Investigations

  • Moisture Migration and Mapping

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Moisture Movement

     Most building materials absorb moisture and will retain it until it either evaporates or is remediated. Gravity, velocity, and pressure determine the movement of moisture throughout affected building materials. The capillary action or the ability of the moisture to migrate against the force of gravity is evaluated. The movement of air, suction, and the locations potential to accommodate evaporation are important considerations in the drying process.

National Environmental Specialists are experts in moisture investigations.

     Our building inspections can investigate water intrusions, monitor moisture migration and track the progression of the damage throughout residential and commercial properties. Utilizing state-of-the-art moisture detection equipment, our team of Specialists can pinpoint water intrusions, map the path of the moisture, and collect samples (tape lift and air) to determine the presence of environmental contaminants such as mold or bacteria.

NES adheres to all internationally recognized standards and reference guides for water damage restoration, such as IICRC S500.