The Importance of Lead-Based Testing and Removal

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July 3, 2020

If your home was built before 1978 and you have never done so before, it is your obligation to conduct a thorough lead testing as soon as possible. Before the determination that lead paint and lead-contaminated dust are two of the most common culprits of lead poisoning, use of lead-based stains was common. Since then, the federal government has banned this practice.

Consider a few pertinent facts that underscore the seriousness of the issue.

- Around 24 million American homes contain significant lead hazards.
- Not all home inspectors check for lead paint.
- Lead is the greatest health risk to young children, especially those six and under.
- Poisoning occurs when lead dust gets on children’s hands and then in their mouths. Lead’s sweet taste makes this a particularly nefarious threat.
- Ingesting even one affected paint chip can cause lead poisoning.

Obviously, having your home checked for lead is a necessity.

Lead Testing

One way to conduct a test is with a personal test kit. Unfortunately, these packs aren’t always accurate. A better alternative is to hire an EPA-certified professional who can swiftly and precisely get the job done. Just as important, hiring an expert means minimizing your exposure.

Lead Paint Removal

There are three individual types of lead removal. First, encapsulation involves painting over with a special solution that seals away the danger. Second, enclosure requires placing drywall or aluminum around the offending coat. Third, if you wish to have the paint removed entirely, a combination of approaches, such as wire brushing or wet hand scraping, may become necessary. Be certain to comparison shop, as removing lead toxicity costs thousands of dollars on average.

Whether you recently purchased a pre-existing home in Fort Collins, CO or have been living in a structure that you suddenly discovered might contain concerns, seek the aid of a specialist. No matter your situation, receiving proper lead testing is a mandatory safety measure for any conscientious homeowner.

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